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Start Them Early Program (STEP) bridging the gap in agriculture and building the next generation of future agribusiness leaders in Africa. We strive to change the face of agriculture for young people by making agriculture interesting and attractive to every child.

What we do

What we do

These activities include soft skills training (communication, public speaking, leadership), competition, ag-career talks ….

Theoretical knowledge acquired in the classroom is transformed into practical lessons through the use of modern technologies using ….

The use of e-learning and e-teaching to revolutionize agriculture. Using digital technologies to attract young people to agriculture….

Our Impact

Our Impact

After the successful introduction of STEP’s agribusiness model to 1,197 students in 10 schools at the program’s inception in 2019,
STEP has been extended to over 5,000 more students (53% female and 47% Male) and 392 teachers (46% female and 54% Male), in 50 schools and established over 180 school pilot enterprises and over 42 home agribusinesses (student-managed). The agribusiness model has also gained the attention of both national and international stakeholders, to expand to more secondary schools.

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STEP Benefits

STEP Benefits

The Start Them Early Program aims to reach as many beneficiaries as possible. This cuts across different stakeholders at the community, state, national and international levels.

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For Parents

Offer opportunity through the diffusion of modern technologies to farming parents and excel in....
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For Teachers

Offer an opportunity to enhance modern agriculture techniques and agribusiness education in ...
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For Students

Offers opportunity to develop agricultural careers and establish businesses in agriculture that....
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For Schools

Offer opportunity to improve the agriculture facility and attain modern agricultural techniques.
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