STEP Hybrid Model

STEP Training

Through experiential learning, STEP introduces beneficiaries to modern Agricultural education in a captivating manner, using modern practices, tools and technologies.

The Start Them Early Program is designed to empower younger youths with quality agribusiness, digital and soft skills, to foster their inclusion in modern agriculture and mitigate the crucial youth employment challenge whilst also reducing hunger in Africa.
In some quarters, Agricultural education can be perceived as “just lessons about farming”. However, this is far from the truth as new innovations have ensured that this young discipline is so much more than sows and plows. 

Students are trained on the contemporary ways to engage in crop cultivation through the application of modern farm machines on the farm and with practices such as Urban farming which eradicates the need to only practice farming on a remote piece of land. Students are also trained on the various levels of animal production, and systems that can be employed by the students in the successful rearing and management of farm animals even at a young age.

Extracurricular Activities:

Students are engaged in many activities outside the formal school curriculum. These activities include soft skills training (communication, public speaking, leadership), competition, ag-career talks, debate, business management skills, excursions, school farm open days.

Experiential Learning

Theoretical knowledge acquired in the classroom is transformed into practical lessons through use of modern technologies using established school pilot enterprises. These pilot enterprises are established to enhance practical understanding of enterprises along different agricultural value chains using the “learning by doing” approach.

Digital Agriculture

The use of e-learning and e-teaching to revolutionize agriculture. Using digital technologies to attract young people to agriculture and to promote the applications of ICT in agriculture among community members, including farmers.