STEP engagement with the Global SDG's

At STEP, our works cater to 7 sustainable development goals

STEP is raising young agri-preneurs by training them to develop their ideas into full-fledged businesses that will lead to the creation of more jobs and generation of income for the ever-increasing population in Africa.

Through the empowerment of the younger youths in agricultural practices, STEP is creating a new avenue for food production, that will cater to the needs of people of all ages in Africa.

Through infrastructural development and rehabilitation works, STEP creates a modern learning environment for students which helps inculcation and speeds up learning growth.

With uncompromising principles, STEP preaches gender balance in every aspect of the program, with strict measures that guarantee that the respective genders are well represented at every level.

Through exposure to the various viable paths in agribusiness and agriculture as a whole, STEP encourages and trains students to engage in agriculture, taking the edge off the conventional search for a white-collar job, thereby bettering the economy by reducing the level of unemployment in Africa,

STEP aims to create a platform that will enable more countries in Africa, through the imbibing of modern agriculture, to level up with the economies more advanced countries of the world.

STEP hopes to foster the implementation of core values through partnerships that cut-across science and technology, finance, capacity development for a swift realization of its major goals.

“Our goal is to redirect the aspirations of the young youth towards careers in modern agriculture”

Adedayo Adefioye, STEP Liason Officer