STEP Nigeria ICT Training

STEP in Nigeria has commenced the training of teachers and students on the use of ICT in agriculture. This step was to develop and strengthen the usage of digital tools and technologies in facilitating learning by the teachers and create awareness.

Training the teachers of Fasola Grammar School in Nigeria on the use of computers.

The goal of this training was to enable both the teachers and the students to be sufficiently prepared, confident, and competent in making full use of the benefits of these facilities in and out of the classroom: For technology integration to be successful, teachers need to make informed choices relating to students’ needs and learning objectives.

The training focused on:

  • Ways the teachers would use ICT to enhance learning, i.e., research, communication, collaboration, innovative tools.
  • Emphasizing practical learning and creation of curricular projects and assessments.
  • Use of Web 2.0 and Social Media for agribusiness.

Students of Oluponna High School in Nigeria learning how to use computers.

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  1. The project is highly Commendable as it would inculcate in youths the imporatance of Agriculture in our lives.

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