How STEP Defied COVID-19 Challenges to Advance in DR Congo

A student member of the vegetable growing club harvests amaranths in Weza

The STEP team in DR Congo defied the challenges of COVID-19 to advance its work, helping young people demonstrate their ability to innovate in time of crisis, and deploying their time and skills against the impact of the pandemic on health, food supply, education and business. To ensure that the barriers and distancing created to limit the spread of COVID-19 do not dampen the zeal and involvement of young people in agribusiness, STEP DR Congo tested a new approach called C5 (Club of 5 people). The approach involved grouping members of the school clubs into small groups of five young agripreneurs to carry out activities on breeding or producing vegetables at home. The approach produced tremendous results as parents were supportive of the C5.

A student member of C5 in her henhouse at home

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